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Commercial Provisioning Software
Cablesight Provisioning & OSS Management Software for CMTS Routers.
Cisco Broadband Configurator. Creates CM config files. Free to use, java, may require CCO access.
Cisco Network Registrar (CNR). DNS/DHCP system that provides services for DOCSIS service provider networks.
Damery ProMo Provisioning & Monitoring software, providing alarms, billing and history.
Daphne sa JADE-PICO CMTS provisioning and monitoring software.
InCa NMS provisioning and monitoring software by InCa Software Ltd., Hungary.
Incognito Software Broadband Command Center DOCSIS and PacketCable provisioning.
Integrated Broadband Services Integrated Full Service provisioning system with ISP services.
Intraway Broadband Service Delivery Platform.
JM-Data CN-Admin Provisioning and RF Analysing Tool Software for Cable Operators.
MPThrill MPT-MNG Pro provisioning software.
Promptlink Integrated provisioning system.
Sigma Systems Service Management Platform - a J2EE-based service control engine that manages VoIP, High Speed Internet, and other services.
Weird Solutions Broadband Provisioner IPAM and provisioning solutions for DOCSIS 3.0, 3G, LTE, VoIP and IPTV.
ZCorum offers a hosted and managed provisioning service that handles DOCSIS cable and PON modems, TR-069 gateways (WiMax, ePON, GPON, xDSL and Ethernet), eRouters and voice devices (Packet Cable eMTAs and SIP ATAs). DOCSIS 3.0 devices are supported for both IPv4 and IPv6.

DOCSIS Monitoring, Measuring, Testing
Averna Provides a line of DOCSIS testing and verification solutions: DP360 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer, Jupiter (design verification) and Mercury (manufacturing verification)
Excentis Traffic generator/analyser fully capable of performing (Euro)DOCSIS 3.0 traffic tests (IPv4&v6,Multicast). Testing services: conformance testing according (Euro)DOCSIS 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0 ATPs; load, acceptance, interoperability testing.
Fanfare Software iTest enables those with and without programming skills to contribute to automating tests, reduces testing cycles 2 - 5x. Site includes community forums.
iGLASS Outsourced Monitoring and NOC Services for DOCSIS plants starting at just $500 per month. Triple-play support available. (888) YOUR-NOC
JDSU Cable network testing devices.
JM-Data CN-Admin Provisioning and RF Analysing Tool Software for Cable Operators.
MPThrill Cable Modem Checker Module (CMCM). A day-to-day tool for troubleshooting problems, isolating faults, diagnosing the cause of issues.
Promptlink Cable plant monitoring, cable modem test platform and cable modem firmware management solutions.
Shenick Systems allows you to measure quality of experience or service satisfaction using a "Per Flow" test approach. Allows end-to-end performance testing from the CMCI to the CMTS-NSI.
Simplesoft DOCSIS OSS Cable Modem Test Suites. SimpleTester is a SNMPv1/v2c/v3 test tool that verifies SNMP agent implementations.
Spirent Communications Provides solutions for functional, performance, and interoperability testing. Designers use Spirent tools in R&D and pre-deployment testing and to prepare for CableLabs certification.
Sunrise Modular test toolkit analyzer.
Tollgrade Communications Provides HFC status monitoring via DOCSIS, HMS, and legacy, and PacketCable VoIP testing solutions.
TruVizion powered by ZCorum. Provides cable ISPs full service network data, bandwidth management and analytic tools.
Visionary Networks DRUM - DOCSIS Reporting, Utilization and Measurement, OSS for large and small networks.

Open Source / Other Projects

Autoboot DHCP/TFTP provisioning services. DHCP requests are translated into simple text format and can be passed to a script/DB.
Birds-Eye.Net Broadband Script Archive.
Braa Very fast SNMP stack. Primarily designed for querying LOTS of cable modems.
docsis is a small program that can be used to generate binary configuration files for DOCSIS-compliant cable modems.
docsis_server is a combination DHCP server, TFTP server, Time of Day server, and a SYSLOG server. The docsis_server is designed to boot up cable modems as well as customer PC equipment.
DocsDiag is a program for reading diagnostic data from DOCSIS cable modems via SNMP.
ISG Tools Shell and cgi scripts for cable ISPs. Modem/host search (wildcard support), diagnostics, IP logging (w/cgi search interface), flap stats and more. Reduces what takes minutes in shell sessions into a 15 second web based search.
Quelea is a web-based tool that will do monitoring, measuring and provisioning for CMTS, CM, routers. Written in perl, it can use any database back-end.


Worldwidesupply Installations, upgrades and migrations.. from wiring to training.


Cable modem operations and provisioning web based software. DHCP authentication, SNMP tracking, RRDTool graphing and monitoring, Inventory tracking, Ticketing system, Property and customer management, etc. Full ISP suite for major or minor system operators. Check out

DirectlinkAdmin Sales Group
866-680-8433 Toll Free
314-471-6405 Direct

Perl has very nice implementation of alternative to docsis, it can generate config files from nice user friendly formats like YAML :)

DOPS is... easy-to-use solution for provisioning of Fiber-to-the-Home,
DOCSIS, PacketCable and SIP devices. The “Ready to Run” appliance
server speeds up implementation and reduces operational
expenditures. Individual licencing models are designed to fit perfectly
into your individual business case.

DOPS™ is a turn-key device provisioning system for broadband operators which reduces time, cost and complexity of deploying high-speed data
and Voice-over-IP services. DOPS™ is capable of handling a mixture of different network technologies. DOPS™ is based on open source software
using well-proven and highly configurable Linux OS and was developed with the idea of a simple and ready to use tool to provision cable modems,
eMTAs , Fiber-CPEs and CPEs connected to a CMTS or Ethernet Switch. Using operator-defined templates, the solution confirms subscriber
information and service options before network access is granted.

Technical Details
• Integrated DHCP-Server, DNS-Server, ToD-Server (Time of Day), TFTP-Server, Syslog-Server
• Support for FTTH, DOCSIS®, PacketCable™ and SIP
• Provisioning across network technologies from cable to fiber
• Open source core components ensure maximum flexibility and security
• Web browser based user interface enabling simple access to all settings and configurations
• On demand dynamic device configuration files increases security and saves disc-space
• Deployment on pre-installed 1RU appliance-server

All services are MySQl based in order to have an open standard interface to other systems.
We have allready some deployments with DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 3.0.
Tested with several CMTSes.

Wilhelm-Sihn-Strasse 5-7
D-75223 Niefern-Öschelbronn / Germany

The company where I work, Vianet SRL, has developed a provisioning and monitoring software that is already in its version 4.5.5. We would like to be part of the list of commercial software that leading supply this page. I attached URL of the presentation of our product
Thanks and regards.
Excuse me my english, I'm from Argentine.

Software for Provisioning DOCSIS & PacketCable devices, Monitoring HFC Plants, Block DOCSIS Clons, Alarms System, Traffic, Sopport modules, interface with Softswitch, CAS, etc.

This Provisioning Server has lot of issue and the Support Center are very useless. I have a bad experience using DRACO OSS because it is unstable. One Day I had an outage, I reported them and they told me is everything is OK and they didn't analized the case. They don't matter I have my customers without services.

I'm totally agree, Draco OSS is unstable, has security Issue and bugs, support service is completely incompetent when it presents a breakdown always say the same speech: that everything is operating well, do not analyze the information of the case, they are not reachable, and if you have an outage on weekend you are lost because they never appear, Draco OSS is not certified by CableLabs.


Having an issue with an Arris 1500 and control software and MTA VOIP. Is there someone or some platform you would recommend? Someone who say, could help you on a weekend?
Customer service might go home but customers are always home and when they are home and have a problem, they call and yell at me.
So any tips on a go to platform for an Arris 1500 with MTA, VOIP support?

Shoot me an email and let me see what we can do. This actually came up earlier today and we have some (limited) functionality with the 1000/1500 and we do have some floating around on our system.


DOXcontrol has developed a suite of DOCSIS software, which is geared toward the independent cable operator. The software design is easy-to-use, but is also very powerful and cost-effective for cable operators of all sizes.

DOXcontrol CORE is a cable modem and MTA provisioning system called DOXcontrol CORE, which is an all-in-one provisioner for both cable modems as well as MTA (telephony voip devices).

DOXcontrol Modempad is an advanced DOCSIS configuration file creator/editor with easy-to-use wizards and drop down menus. There is no need to know complex OIDs with the simple GUI. Additionally, it also creates MTA (VOIP) config files and includes several manufacturer specific MIBs.

DOXcontrol RF Monitor is designed to provide an interactive graphical interface to monitor, record and analyze the RF characteristics of a DOCSIS system by pulling and displaying the relevant information from the CMTS and various HFC client devices.

Several more DOXcontrol software titles are under development and will be released soon. All software is compatible and has been tested for interoperability with the following CMTS units:

ARRIS CMTS 1000/1100/1500, C3
CASA C2200, C3200
Cisco uBR7111/E, uBR7114/E, uBR7223, uBR7246, uBR7246VXR
Terayon BW3200
Motorola BSR1000/2000 (Pending)
ADC Cuda 12000 (Pending)

For more information, please visit:

Also, please visit us at Booth 1812 at the SCTE Show in Atlanta, GA from November 15-17, 2011.

Still looking for help from Cablesight on this, not much luck. The software / company does not seem to do what they say it will. So far no manual, no support.

"Can DOXcontrol provision the MTA in an Arris 402P, SIP upgrade installed, running an Arris 1500 DOCSIS 1.1 CMTS that is using private IP's?

How would Modempad configure such a DOCSIS 1.1 config file to direct the MTA in the Arris modem to a third party voip provider using those private IP's?

If you send me a sample, config file for 1.1 inside the Core, running the modem and MTA, I'll let you know how it works.

DACS provides a centralized and automated platform for cable service providers to control and configure subscriber devices in DOCSIS based access networks.

Will your software control an Arris 1500 DOCSIS 1.1 CMTS and provision Arriss 420P modems and their MTA for use with a third party VOIP provider?

DACS for now does not control CMTS devices, but for sure can provision CMs and MTAs. Regarding 3rd party VoIP provider, could you please describe what kind of problem you are encountering?

Here is DACS user manual, maybe it can help:

Kind regards

DataHardware/AH Technology Solutions is a leading hardware provider for Cisco DOCSIS CMTS routers and cards. Cisco UBR 7200 / 10000 series is carried in stock, fully tested by our certified technicians, and backed with our 1 year warranty. Please contact me if you have any Cisco UBR 7200 / 10000 series needs.

Best Regards,
Lee Co
Tel: 714-966-2100 Ext 109
AIM: LeeTeleComp

Have a look at our online demo:

User Name: Guest
Passwoord: guest

Must read documents:

3. ​​

Contact me if you need price information:

Its a great thing that Sigma Systems Service Management Platform - a J2EE-based service control engine that manages VoIP, High Speed Internet, and other services.

That is VOIP on an Arris 1500, DOCISS 1.1 using Arris 402 - 602 with MTA's (with sip upgrades) and route them to a third party VOIP provider? Other modems are on the same system using ATA's. No problems.


For all your used docsis 2.0 CMTS and Cable Modem / MTA needs contact us at:
in stock:
- Cisco uBR-7246VXR with various line cards (MC28U, MC16U)
- Motorola BSR 1000 & 2000
- Arris C3
Fully tested equipment, guaranteed to work. We ship worldwide.

a good, stable and cheap software (dhcp,tftp) supports all cmts's and cable modems.

Listing update / additional vendor:

GIP AG ( Xyna Cable Factory – OSS Management Software for cable operators with focus on Service Provisioning and Device Management - development and production of residential and business services over DOCSIS

BSAT DOCSIS Testing services BSAT Inc (Broadband Solutions and Testing Inc) - DOCSIS, DSG and PacketCable pre-certification Testing services and MSO Evaluation Testing services. Contact

Averna ( Leading expertise in test for DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS and A/V products. Our full suite of test solutions covers every aspect of device development, performance, troubleshooting, and repair.

Take a look at Gambit Communications MIMIC Cable Modem Simulator. It allows you to simulate thousands of DOCSIS based Cable Modems, CMTS and switches. It supports SNMP, DHCP, TFTP, Tod, Telnet and SSH.
Also, MIMIC SNMP Simulator
MIMIC helps you test your management and monitoring applications against thousands of simulated
devices. It lets you try all routine and disastrous conditions.

Please change our listing under DOCSIS Monitoring, Measuring, Testing (which currently begins with the word TruVizion). We've added several diagnsotics products for DOCSIS systems. Following is the new listing.

ZCorum provides advanced diagnostics for cable systems. In addition to their TruVizion cable modem diagnostics software, they offer PreEqualization Analyzer, which is a Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) tool, RF Inspector, an app that captures and displays the full downstream spectrum directly from the cable modem, and Upstream Analyzer, a software tool that gathers and displays upstream spectrum from the CMTS including ingress under the carrier.

A rich GUI based toolkit created for fellow Docsis Engineers. It's a personal project and is free to use. It is written in Microsoft.Net . Download the application from

It's a continuing project and seeking your feedback and ideas to improve further.

We promote solutions of configuration, performance and fault management for access network. Improve control and quality of your network by using advanced and unique solutions. OSS-IRIS propose scalable solution for cable companies dealing with major needs: capacity planning, maintenance, diagnosis of your network, customized data and reports.
We have created EASYDOCSIS: an open-source solution for DOCSIS networks that includes tools for RF signal validation, interfaces monitoring, cable modem diagnosis, spectrum analyzer with frequency plan repository... a good start for DOCSIS network management. We propose a personalized integration of this solution with other integrated modules that we support.
Look at for more informations.

Hello everyone,

a new opensource release of "easydocsis" is available on sourceforge:

We continue to develop this solution because we know cable have a future. Updates have been made to support new CMTS architectures.
Installation is straight forward: so try it. Next step will be to contact us to see which unbelievable solution we can propose.


EASYDOCSIS cloud version is now available.
Manage DOCSIS network with the latest version of EASYDOCSIS develop by OSS-IRIS.
You will enjoy all the advantages of a cloud solution but also our expertise acquired from more than 15 years inside cable companies
We aim to help all cable companies and contribute in DOCSIS never ending innovation and evolution.
No matter the size of your network, try it from now and for 30 days free of charge with a rapid and easy activation.

CANETSYSTEMS is presenting DPS CABLE: a comprehensive IT solution designed to easy and rapid service provisioning for cable networks operators. DOCSIS operator with DPS can reduce financial outlays and human resources necessary to manage a HSD and Voice services.
The DPS solution makes it possible to create and operate HSD and Voice services defined by an operator in the point-and-click webUI interface designed with the best user experience practice.
Designed to perform easy modification, blocking and activation of services as well as changes of service parameters, like the upload speed or max CPE allowed.
The system is compatible with any CMTS manufacturers and most cable modem vendors out-of-box.
DPS monitoring functions are gathering all RF data form all cable modems and CMTS’s running in your network.
You can perform detailed analysis of RF parameters from last seven days, watch trends from last year and read online data directly from cable modem and compare it with the whole upstream statistics like US SNR, FEC or amount of logged in CM.
From webUI you can access cable modem logs, perform flap-list diagnostic or compare with other devices running in the same area.

For more information check, email or call us: +48.532402500

Alcatel-Lucent's product provides support to manage cmts devices. The micro-cmts will be interfacing DOCSIS network on one end and PON on the other. The EMS is loaded with ton features like software download, DHCP, Backup/Restore and L3 functionalities. EMS will be using old-school snmpv2 and v3 to manage the devices. Plan is to support SDN capabilities on top of existing infrastructure.

Please add -

Gambit Communications- MIMIC Cable Modem Simulator - Simulate thousands of DOCSIS based cable modems with SNMP, DHCP, TFTP, IPv6, Tod along with CMTS simulations.

SilverCreek is the test suite for SNMPv3 conformance

SNMPv3 forms the basis for Diffie-Hellman (RFC 2786) support in the DOCSIS standard, including SNMPv3 key ignition and key change functionality for CM and CMTS equipment. It is this Diffie-Hellman key initialization and key update mechanism that allows cable companies to authorize data services to customers, and provide data access services through their infrastructure.

DOCSIS1.0 certification: Requires that equipment pass SilverCreek Test Suite 1
(per the Cable Labs Specification)

DOCSIS2.0 and 1.1 certification: Requires that equipment pass SilverCreek Test Suites (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 10.0 , 50.0 and Vulnerability tests)

  • SilverCreek thoroughly covers OSS03 (SNMPv3 protocol testing/Diffie-Hellman)
  • SilverCreek notification monitor tests the required DOCSIS notifications.
  • SilverCreek has additional MIB walking sample test scripts for OSS01, OSS02.

DOCSIS3 certification: Requires that equipment pass SilverCreek Test Suites (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 10.0 , 50.0 and Vulnerability tests)

  • SilverCreek thoroughly covers OSS03 (SNMPv3 protocol testing/Diffie-Hellman)
  • SilverCreek notification monitor tests the required DOCSIS notifications.

SilverCreek is the World's Best Selling SNMP Test Suite from InterWorking Labs

SilverCreek is the only authoritative SNMP tester backed by an Advisory Board of SNMP Experts who arbitrate disputes, clarify the intent of the RFCs, provide assurances and industry guidance. The IWL SNMP Advisory Board is known for advisory warnings, such as a major change in direction with the IPv6 MIBs and a ruling on SNMPInASNParseErrs.

For more information visit

The DOXcontrol system works with DPOE standard equipment for Fiber To The Home Gear such as EPON/GPON. Pace, Fujitsu, Huawei, ZTE, Aurora, Finisar and Sumitomo make this kind of hardware and are certified by Cable Labs under the DPOE standard. This provisioner works great based on a test with Aurora Trident7, but it should work fine with any of the other manufacturers as well.

You can see it here: (ASmart.AT) Software

In today's dynamic ISP area, billing/provision is no longer a theoretical concept but a required system before starting your ISP company.
To improve operators services, companies always strive to reduce time and cost of support to the customers by building smarter and smarter softwares.
AlbiSMART is a prefered choice for ISP that helps starting, growing and developing into a fully ISP (W-ISP & C-ISP).
AlbiSMART gives you the ability to have in one place everything you need to get your ISP working.
It has many rich features that you can use like:
• Automatically Suspend Accounts
AlbiSmart automatically turns customers off for non-payment and reactivates the account upon payment.
• Integration with Industry Standard Software
Out of the box integration with FreeRADIUS, Email Servers, Monitoring Systems and more.
• User Definable Services
Keep track of customer equipment, speed settings, IPs and more.
• Open Provisioning Model
Send commands to remote servers and equipment when customers are added, modified or suspended etc.

• Finances (Billing CRM)
• Internet [Docsis with DHCP & Wireless/FTTx users with PPPoE Authentifikation )
• Television
• Access modules
• Ping
• Cloud tools
Main features:
• Cloud solutions for ISP
• Multi language software
• DOCSIS users (DHCP Server)
• PPPoE users(FreeRadius included).
• Fully Conax communication system for tv subscribers
• Short time services(daily) and long time services(monthly).
• Until four conax cards and internet services.
• Filter clients based on locations, subscription status, services, UpChannel, DownFreq.
• Promote your business.
• Company Activitys history (Expire date, modem and card changes activity)
• Company settings (e-mail, sms gateway configuration, tax information and company details)
• Add services, print invoice and download the balance of every customers(Web,PDF,Excel,Print).
• Manage accountant and shops
• Trouble Tickets with department definition.
• Reseller Supporting (Users restriction with billing, technical, administrator group)
• Realtime network status
• Docsis ONLINE Signals(DS/US,TX,RX,CPE,UPTIME,CMIP,DownFrequency,UPChannel,MODEM Vendor.
• PPOE Online List(IP,Start time, Online time, Download data, Upload data, mac ,interface,nas)
• Easly linux servers, ip pool and nas-es
• Automatic expiration of clients.
• Customers Payment,debt,deposit, tickets, history, Network status and signal graphs(DS,TX,RX,US).
• Events/Schedule (By adding an event into the Schedule it will be treated as day off for unsubscribing matter)
• Network status of the cmts ( including modems and upstream snr for every upstream)
• Traffic Accounting & manny other graphs.

Arbnor Gashi | DevOPS Network Engineer
email: | | skype: n-orix11 ---

ImageControl accelerates the deployment of new advanced cable services by quickly and seamlessly inventorying customer premises equipment (CPE), upgrading modem firmware, and reducing administrative costs by automating complex firmware management functions. ImageControl also helps minimize errors by centralizing management and automating recurring functions though an intuitive graphical interface. And ImageControl supports subscriber growth by scaling to millions of devices and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring version compatibility with minimal service disruption.

Diamond IP supports centralized management of multi-vendor DHCP and DNS server implementations, including Microsoft, stock ISC/BIND, and Cisco CNR, among others, so you can support a diverse DDI deployment through a single centralized web interface. IP utilization reports and alerts enable you to proactively manage IP address capacity and single-click allocations simplify subnet, pool and IP address assignment tasks. Granular administrator controls enable you to delegate DDI tasks to empower site administrators while retaining centralized control. Reporting, auditing, REST APIs, and task scheduling enable you to integrate DDI functions across your entire network and cloud deployment.

Contact BT Diamond IP for more information.
Glenn Waring
office 404-654-0711

Platform independent. Easy to connect to CRM. No direct link to DHCP/BSS needed. Easy extendable. PHP based. Easy to install: SNMP access to CM/CMTS, Apache and php needed.

NMS Prime is a DOCSIS open source provisioning and management software for cable operators. It is completely free and open source – GPLv3 hosted at github. It combines many popular open source projects, like ISC-DHCP, BIND, TFTP, Cacti and Nagios. Check it out under:


(User/Psw: customer / customer)

Provisioning, Billing, Voice, Monitoring, CAS, Help desk module, Ticketing, CRM, Document management, Project management, Inventory and much more bundled in one software or available separately.

Technologies: Docsis, ISC DHCP, KEA, Conax, Griffin, Cisco, Quickbooks, Alvarion, Ruckus, Mikrotik, Asterisk, Freeswitch, Camailio, Harmonic, Cambium...

Our Promptlink URLs are incorrect: for IPS provisioning system for Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM) system w/PNM

Thank You

Under "DOCSIS Monitoring, Measuring, Testing", then under iGLASS, please add:
InterWorking Labs ( DOCSIS compliance testing for SNMPv3.

Greetings to all dear community,

recently in our company where we provide a SaaS to manage Internet Provisioning at,
decided to invest our time developing a unified API to provision Docsis networks as well as Radius and a few other technologies.
We'll be opening to public our current techniques of how we're analyzing CMTS'es and CableModems using PHP.

So far we've achieved to migrate our fundamental inner API, in our very first opensource project here:
Using a LAMP stack machine with certain PHP extensions, under 5 Minutes you get the API up and running:

For any potential concerns or suggestions you can reach us at or

Mentor Gashi,
CTO, Senior Software Engineer at AlbiSmart

Installations, upgrades and migrations.. from wiring to training.

Vertexplus INC is a US-based Managed IT Network Services and NOC services provider and the organization is well known for its services and specialities across the country.
Services provided by VertexPlus INC.
- Application Support & Maintenance Services
- Managed Firewall Monitoring Services
- Managed Desktop Support Services

Cosighter is a capacity planning and signal quality monitoring tool that is designed to make your cable network operations easier. Cosighter collects, analyzes and summarizes management data by using latest technologies to quickly diagnose issues and measure overall service quality.

Start your 1 Month free trial to evaluate Cosighter's features on your own network.

Please visit for more information

Hello, I need the SIP version firmware for the Cable Modem Arris TG1672G Docsis 3.0 EMTA.

Easily and efficiently manage DOCSIS CPEs with the DOCSIS Provisioning solution by AVSystem’s Unified Management Platform

Key Features:

  • Full support for technologies such as DOCSIS 1.0/1.1, DOCSIS 2.0, DOCSIS 3.1, or PacketCable 2.0 with their security extensions
  • Fully configurable auto-discovery of new devices with dynamic generation of DOCSIS files to enable efficient DOCSIS management
  • Support for various management protocols (SNMP, TR-069, Telnet/SSH and others)
  • Uniform DOCSIS provisioning and management along with CPEs using other access technologies in a single platform
  • AVSystem’s DHCP server capable of supporting millions of subscriber devices and offering DHCPv4 support

Gunslinger ™ is an organically developed, modular software solution from Diablo Data that simplifies managing DOCSIS networks and their connected devices for health and performance.

A cloud-based software solution, it monitors and provisions DOCSIS network devices and is tailor-made for small to medium service providers. Gunslinger’s centralized data collection engine gathers and stores SNR and power Levels and other performance related data from all DOCSIS network devices and presents the service group health in a single pane of glass.

When your service groups are monitored by Gunslinger ™ your team has swift visibility into the health of your cable modem networks. Gunslinger ™ Cable Node Monitor (CNM) shows health trends of the DOCSIS CMTS and Cable Modems, providing fast triage of a DOCSIS RF network environment. The CNM Dashboard gives you a quick color-coded synopsis of the state of all of your CMTS deployments.

Gunslinger Quartermaster provisions all types of devices, from cable modems to DOCSIS telephony gateway embedded MTA’s, IP Set Tops, access points – whatever your consumers use. Gunslinger also provisions DOCSIS 3.1 Remote Phy nodes.

Diablo Data is a customer-focused company that welcomes customer feedback and feature requests for the Gunslinger roadmap. Visit for more information.