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DOCSIS Related Websites

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Birds-Eye.Net: Birds-Eye.Net Broadband Technical Reference Archive. DOCSIS Engineer blog with lots of tutorials covering DOCSIS and RF.

CableLabs: CableLabs is the DOCSIS certification authority. German cable and DOCSIS resources including german language forums.

Cable Digital News: Light Reading's cable news articles. DHCP, DOCSIS administration help, configuration file examples, etc. Blogs of DOCSIS engineers and a forum.

DOCSIS-IT: A DOCSIS technology blog.

EuroCableLabs: European DOCSIS (EuroDOCSIS) certification board.

SCTE: Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers

Wikipedia / DOCSIS: User submitted DOCSIS information.

Wikipedia / HFC: User submitted HFC information.


Provide professional services such as network architecture, deployment, custom development, advanced technical training, network troubleshooting, auditing, and technical support services (on-site/remote), including 24 x 7 service subscriptions for contracted multi-billion-dollar corporations. Products focused on are Cisco Prime Network Registrar (PNR/CNR) and Prime Cable Provisioning (PCP/BAC).

Eric Snider - 623-229-8598
Bill Verry - 603-249-5721

Provided upon request. - specializing in DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 legacy product. ARRIS, Cisco - uBR, Motorola, etc.

INOC is a global leader in the NOC services industry. The way we see it, your job is to innovate and grow your business, and ours is to support you toward that end. INOC is committed not only to be the best at infrastructure monitoring but also to complete customer satisfaction.

INOC’s US-based Network Operations Center team is not only well trained to manage incidents, but also mentored via continuous review so they become skilled experts in the business. And our NOC platform securely and seamlessly connects to your infrastructure, providing the most advanced event detection and efficient workflow management. INOC’s network, server and application monitoring services provide detailed metrics and visibility, allowing our NOC team to react quickly and troubleshoot effectively.

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The favorite cable modem and CMTS supplier of many of the world's CATV operators

Analyze Technologies supplies equipment to CATV companies including but not limited to CMTS/Docsis Equipment.

My free GitHub project with modern approach to monitor your CMTSes:

I think this is the best CMTS monitoring query I have ever seen. Great job. The only issue , which could be an issue with Grafana is that my y-axis wants to keep showing Gigbits and Terrabits per second. This is for both the downstream and upstream channels. The individual data is correct however when I try to put the total on the graph, the individual values go away and the total line graph shows up but the values are way too high.