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DOCSIS : Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications

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What is here?
Lists of CMTS (cable modem termination system) vendors, cablemodem and eMTA vendors, software provisioning vendors and tools, and chat forums.

What is DOCSIS?
DOCSIS stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications - methods for transporting data over a cable (CATV) plant utilizing QAM and/or QPSK RF modulation. DOCSIS modems and CMTS platforms are certified by CableLabs, the organizational body that sets and tests the standards. CableLabs is a consortium of cable experts and industry operators.

Additionally, a European consortium of cable operators certifies EuroDocsis code. Their current certification wave results and lists of qualified products can be found at the EuroCableLabs Web Site.

What are the standards?
DOCSIS standards are published by CableLabs and can be found in the specifications area at their site.