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CMTS not reporting CM rx power or SNR

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CMTS not reporting CM rx power or SNR

I'm trying to pull RX power and SNR data for all registered modems off the CMTS. When I did a snmp walk of the CMTS, I noticed OID's were in place:

RX power:

When I walk these OID's they mostly return 0 value, but an occasional one will spit out a number. Do I need to pass a filter or something in the modem config to get it to relay this info back to the CMTS?

with cisco's CMTS it seems

with cisco's CMTS it seems you have to enable remote-query to populate this information.

Here is the info needed to get it set up.

Read the usage guidelines specifically.

not sure with other types CMTS but with cisco this is the way it works.

The message board truncated

The message board truncated the link... Could you post it again in two pieces or without the http://?

The CMTS is a EVR and I don't remember seeing anything about remote reporting, but then again I wasn't looking that hard.

If you are using a non-cisco

If you are using a non-cisco this link probably will not help you

Cisco CMTS Docs

Your best bet, if no one here knows is to contact the vendor directly.

Just a thought

Have you checked the read only or read write for the snmp for the modems? the default is public and private, could be they have something different. can you get or set anything on the modems?

I haven't figured it out yet

I haven't figured it out yet (can't get a hold of the engineer), but I don't believe it is something with the modems. I can use snmp and pull info off of individual modems without any issue (except that I have to be logged into the provisioning server to do it). The numbers I'm looking for are the received return path power and SNR that the CMTS sees for each modem, which shouldn't have anything to do with the modems reporting back.

modem and sw ver?

Sorry for going through everything so quick, but what cmts do you use and it's software version

that's alright. The CMTS is

that's alright.

The CMTS is a Blondertongue, but it is running EVR firmware. This is the version info provided by the CMTS:

EVR-CMTS<>SW Ver. Jul 20 2004 13:38:17 cmts. >> build #3000

cmts sw rev

ok, sorry I don't know about those systems. but from the ones I do work with I know that if I don't have the modem's snmp read-only configured and how often it polls the modems, I would also get a 0 when I would try to check the modems transmit receive levels

Cisco Broadband Cable Command Reference Guide
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