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Using Upstream Drop Classifier

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Using Upstream Drop Classifier


I'm using US Drop Classifier to discard some unwanted traffic but I cannot make it to work. Is it necessary some commands on the CMTS side to support the Drop Classifiers?

The message I see being passed between CMTS and CM annouces Upstream Drop Classifier Support : 0, so I think this might be the reason the drop classifiers aren't showing up on the CM.


UDC drop traffic counters

After all it is necessary a command in the CMTS side but I still can't check if its working on the CMTS. Is there any couters ou info for Upstream Drop Classifier provided by the CMTS?

UDC command on the Cisco uBR10012

On the Cisco uBR10012 this command can be used to enabled UDC "cable udc-capability"
In term of command to use to find how udc is functioning, I'm as well looking for those.
Thus far debugs are the only way you should be able to find the activities of UDC.
It sounds like most of the work is being done on the cable modem side. The CMTS only allows the capability of the Cable Modem to support it.

DerekW (not verified)

To verify that the UDC feature is enabled on a specified cable modem, use the show cable modem H.H.H verbose command (where H.H.H represents the MAC address of the cable modem) in privilege EXEC mode. The following example displays the output of the show command using the ‘|’ and section keyword to show only the “UDC Enabled” field.

Router# show cable modem 4458.2945.3004 verbose | s UDC

UDC Enabled : Y

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