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Motorola SEMv8 Streaming

I'm looking to stream a PC screen to a cable channel. I remember being able to use VLC to stream a video to our SEMv8 using UDP, but I don't remember what all was involved. When I was doing what I thought would work, the SEM kept complaining that the stream was missing the PAT/PMT information.

In VLC I went to Media/Stream then set it to RTP/MPEG Transport Stream gave it the address port 5004, activated transcoding for MPEG-2+MPGA (TS). I know the SEM side is set up right since all you need is the IP and the port, then the port again when you are in the remapping screen.

You will need to stream it to

You will need to stream it to UDP (legacy) (as VLC calls it)

then supply your Multicast address and port.

Depending on what your ultimate destination is, you will likely need to transcode the result as well, probably MPEG-2/AC3 if your trying to stream it to older motorola settops.


Thank you so much! This was it exactly.
On a related question, the screen:// streamer is not very good for VLC, anyone know of another solution that isn't so choppy? Also, I don't think the screen:// stream does the audio as well.
We're looking to migrate our community bulletin board to digital and weren't looking to spend a ton of money. It's a basic Windows PC.

Probably going to work best

Probably going to work best as a two device setup:

1) your video source, look at live streaming options (think Youtube, twitch, Facebook Live) there are a ton of options. But probably not many that can send MPEG2/AC3 to UDP Multicast, so you can use RTMP (way more common).

2) your receiver, this will accept the RTMP signal (in VLC) and transcode it to MPEG2/AC3 and Multicast it to the SEM.

Advantage to this, is you also have your content in a format that is easily streamed to any of the many live streaming sources as well.

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