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Cisco UBR Software + DHCP Security Advisory

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Cisco UBR Software + DHCP Security Advisory

Dear all,

I was just reading about:

Does anyone know if the command "cable helper-address" which provides the same function as "ip helper-address" is also affected by this issue? I guess yes, but the article just refer to "ip helper-address".

Unfortunately I do not have access to cisco support. Can someone send me the newest IOS software:


to my email:

Thanks for your help!



Hello emsi greets you, misael de la ceiba honduras.
I want to tell you that I can pass the ubr software after reading your post where you ask for it if you like to return the email to confirm that you are active.
a hug.

Logan (not verified)
ubr ios

can you please send the file to

Hi Misael,

Hi Misael,
I've been looking for the same bin. (ubr7200p-jk9su2-mz.122-33.SCJ3.bin)
Please, you can send it to my mail

Thanks for your help.


UBR 7200 SCJ3


If you are still on these forums, can you please send ubr7200p-jk9su2-mz.122-33.SCJ3.bin to

Thank you in advance

It's a long shot but since it

It's a long shot but since it's along the same lines I was hoping someone had the same software for a ubr10k Pre5 module or the pre4 modules for those of us still using them.




ubr10k4-k9p6u2-mz.122-33.SCJ4.bin ubr10k4-eboot-mz.122-33.SCJ4.bin

Thanks much

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