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Cisco UBR Software + DHCP Security Advisory

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Cisco UBR Software + DHCP Security Advisory

Dear all,

I was just reading about:

Does anyone know if the command "cable helper-address" which provides the same function as "ip helper-address" is also affected by this issue? I guess yes, but the article just refer to "ip helper-address".

Unfortunately I do not have access to cisco support. Can someone send me the newest IOS software:


to my email:

Thanks for your help!



Hello emsi greets you, misael de la ceiba honduras.
I want to tell you that I can pass the ubr software after reading your post where you ask for it if you like to return the email to confirm that you are active.
a hug.

Logan (not verified)
ubr ios

can you please send the file to

Hi Misael,

Hi Misael,
I've been looking for the same bin. (ubr7200p-jk9su2-mz.122-33.SCJ3.bin)
Please, you can send it to my mail

Thanks for your help.


UBR 7200 SCJ3


If you are still on these forums, can you please send ubr7200p-jk9su2-mz.122-33.SCJ3.bin to

Thank you in advance

It's a long shot but since it

It's a long shot but since it's along the same lines I was hoping someone had the same software for a ubr10k Pre5 module or the pre4 modules for those of us still using them.




ubr10k4-k9p6u2-mz.122-33.SCJ4.bin ubr10k4-eboot-mz.122-33.SCJ4.bin

Thanks much

Customers without Service Contracts clause

I understand that this is a very old post, but you should be able to acquire this software from Cisco directly using the "Customers Without Service Contracts" clause of the CVE.

It did take a little bit of back and forth via the ticketing system to remind them that the CVE specifically states that it does not require SmartNet, and that since the product is EOL/EOS, I would not be able to purchase a contract even if I wanted to. They ended up having me join a WebEx, and transferred the files to me that way, since without a contract you will be unable to access the ticket notes.

If you do try to get the software this way, just remember to be patient and respectful, they are working off of a normal script that is supposed to push people into buying contracts. Also, do not forget to request the matching kboot image as well.

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