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Terayon. BW 3500

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Terayon. BW 3500

Hello everyone,
I'm look for a spec sheet and confirm the unit can do docsis 2.0
it's a 3500R chassis with 3531 switch controller and 3542 1x4 front and 3534ca-a active rf adapter rear cards.
Thank You

please send me an e-mail

please send me an e-mail with address of your ftp server so i can upload for you docs about terayon 3200 and 3500. my e-mail address is korajlic@gmail.com
i hope that will help you, and answer to your question about docsis 2.0 and and terayon 3500 is yes, terayon 3500 support docsis 2.0.

Re: Request

Got it.. Thank You

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