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Small 1Gbps CMTS Options

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Small 1Gbps CMTS Options

What are the options for small CMTS that support more than 16 DS x 4US channels? The goal is to offer 1Gbps download service, so it would need at least something that did 24x8 but ideally something that was able to do 32x8. Application would be for a small apartment complex.

There are many small sub $5000 16x4 CMTS products on the market:
1. Pico Digital's miniCMTS
2. BT-CMTS-3000
3. Vecima Networks Portico DOCSIS mini-CMTS
4. Harmonic NSG -EXO

Based on the past previous post on this forum from Harmonic, I believe all 4 of these CMTS are based on the Broadcom 3218 and 3219 chipsets.

Looks like Broadcom last year came out with a newer, 2nd generation chipset for CMTS that support 32x8 channels. This would be the BCM3228 MAC and BCM3150 PHY CMC chips. Does anyone know of products available with these chipsets? This broadcom article mentions Hangzhou Landcable Technologies and Beijing Sumavision Technologies as being two manafactures using this new chipset, but their websites don't show these products?

What used options are avaiable that will support more than the 16x4 configurations of these 1U CMTS products?