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Nortel / Arris CMTS 1000 Setup

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Nortel / Arris CMTS 1000 Setup

I am asking if someone can point me in the right direction to get a used CMTS up and running that I recently purchased. I found a long PDF manual on Nortel's website but it really doesn't help much because they want you to have LCn provisioning software which didn't come with this used unit. Furthermore, when I power it up, the LCD display just blinks a blank message that looks like this:
The SELECT, MODE, UP, DOWN button have no response. So I am wondering if this is a sign of a defect.



first, you should try to

first, you should try to access to cmts via com port (hyperteminal or some other tool with standard com port setup). if you can't access to cmts then you should try to reset cmts to factory settings. somewhere on this forum there is procedure to do that. if after that you can't access to cmts then it's broken. when and if you access to cmts (btw username should be root password empty) write back and i can send you some docs about arris 1000 configuration

thread7 (not verified)
Great. Thanks for the help.

Great. Thanks for the help. I am sick in bed right now so it will be a few days before I get to try it.
But I did find the factory reset instructions in this post:



Do You have any upstream

Do You have any upstream card inside? Check it

thread7 (not verified)
Yes, I looked inside and it

I looked inside and it has an upstream receiver card located on port 6. Port 6's LED lights up accordingly.
I did successfully connect via CONSOLE.
Now I need to figure out how to configure this thing. I did download a RAR pack of documentation generously posted by koraljic in another post.
All I want to do in the beginning is hook up one cable modem in a lab environment and see if it can connect. But all the docs gives you instructions assuming you have this LCn provisioning software which I don't have.
In the other recent post here "CMTS 1000 tftp issue" I noticed emkowale posted his config. I don't even know how to take that config and put it onto my system. Any starting pointers would be helpful.


Just start with CLI -

Just start with CLI - connect via RS port and it is really easy!

thread7 (not verified)
I can get into CLI but I

I can get into CLI but I don't have a clue on how to upload a configuration. I see someone posted a dhcp.conf file in another post but I don't know how to transfer it. Like I said, the only documentation I have talks about LCn so I am really flying blind here. Thanks!

<---------------------------> is bad


If all you're seeing is <-----------------------------------------> on the display, the CMTS needs to be repaired. I can get you a guy that fixes a lot of these. It's under $1000.00 and I believe he even gives a warranty. I realize this news sucks, but I wasted months trying to fix this.


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