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Multi ISP Environment

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Multi ISP Environment

Hi there,

I've got a project where the customer wants to realise a multi ISP environment where
every ISP has its own provisioning-system.

CM1 ___________ CM2
CPE1 ___________ CPE2

The CMTS is a Motorola BSR2000. The documentation of this device points me to a configuration
server but this is a complete "blackbox" to me.

My first guess was the dhcp relay to direct the dhcp-requsts by mac-address but this seems not
to be possible with the isc dhcp relay. The second guess was a vlan-routing but this applies only
to the cpe/mta-addresses.

Could someone give me a hint on this?

best regards

Use different/separate for

Use different/separate for each customer/ DS/US interfaces and set different dhcp-helpers per interface

Only 1 DS-Port available

Hi hinzoo,

thank you for your reply. As mentioned we are using a bsr2000 where only 1 DS-Port is available.


multi enet ports

that unit has 4 10/100 and 2 gigE ports. you can configure each port for the isp's or configure policy base routing.
do you have the docs?


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