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Looking for DTI server

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Looking for DTI server

Need a DTI server new, refurbished, or used.
Unfortunately this is only a TimeCreator 1000 (correct me if I'm wrong).
Let me know if you have any suggestions serykh.mobile@gmail.com

Yes, TimeCreator 1000 is the

Yes, TimeCreator 1000 is the usual (only?) DTI server.

I believe this product is discontinued, can't buy the new any more.

There are a few on sale on eBay. eg Rincon Technology.

No other options.

Bought TimeCreator 1000.

reset password

Is there any option to reset the password on TimeCreator 1000?

DTI server

Here is a link to the manual for the device:


Start around page 64 or so, hopefully this will help!


No current password

unfortunately, command line does not work, there is no current password.

The default user is admin,

The default user is admin, default password is SymmTC1000. if you use the RS232 console you can change the boot partition to the backup partition which should have the default config if you interrupt the boot sequence. there may also be an option to reset the config if you interrupt bootup but I can't remember.

You can do it.

There is a way to reset the whole device to default. It involves taking the metal cover of the TC1000 off so the boards are exposed. You then short the two "RESET" pins to each other and two "DEFAULT" pins to each other on the IMC board, while the device is running.
This is from memory so the pin names may not be correct but it will return the user/pass to admin/SymmTC1000

Hope this help!

Yes, it works

Thanks so much

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