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How to shorten ranging time?!

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How to shorten ranging time?!

Hi all,

I would like to short the ranging time of CMs connected to Arris C3 CMTS. From my experience to the other CMTS-es I configured ranging-backof to 1 4, and it works, but in Arris C3 CMTS even with this parameter configured, some of the modems are staying for long in init(r1) mode.

Does anybody know what else I need to reconfigure?


Anonymous (not verified)
How to shorten ranging time?!

Astrit kjo ndoshta do te ndihmoje pak, sigurisht qe duhet qe per çdo upstream te konfigurosh te njejtin parameter:

cable upstream x data-backoff automatic
cable upstream x range-backoff automatic


How to shorten ranging time?!

I've found a solution to this problem.

With the following parameters configured the CMs are ranging very quickly:

interface Cable 1/0
cable insertion-interval 5
cable upstream x.x range-backoff 1 4

Zubz3R0, the data-backoff parameters take place after CM has been ranged.


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