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BSR2000 Boot Issue

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BSR2000 Boot Issue

We have a BSR2000 that is no longer booting:

Start application from FLASH:
Booting image appImage_100P4904TRCU.bin
ataFileGet: read error!
doAppImageValidate: can not get flash (ata) appImage appImage_100P4904TRCU.bin!
cmtsDecompExtApp: doAppImageValidate failed for file appImage_100P4904TRCU.bin
No valid application image on compact flash

I have the bin file on a TFTP server, and would like to recopy it to the BSR2000. How would I set up the boot parameters to do this?

In addition, where can one

In addition, where can one obtain manuals for the BSR2000? Was unable to find them on the Motorola site...


remove the flash card, put into a pc and copy it over that way...
as for other information, post your email


[Removed email]

[Removed email]

Got it working. Will provide

Got it working. Will provide details later. Question though: should the app .bin file be on nvram or flash? And where should it be booting from?

What goes where..

In general, nvram would hold the boot or image for the unit. you'll see a few other things like the startup config.
Flash would be your backup of startup config, image and so on. can also boot from flash (recommend from nvram). here would also be the log file and copy of bootrom. not needed once it's been upgraded.

BSR2000 - BootRom

Carl - We're in the same boat, can I please ask you to sned me ( ) a copy of the latest BootRom for a BSR2000? You appear to be a knowledgable guy here.

The fix...

I used the c command to configure the boot parameters, then the H command to load the image into flash. You need to customize to suit your network: hostname is the tftp server, b.b.b.b is the IP for the BSR2000 (set your mask appropriately... our config needed a class C mask of, thus ffffff00) , h.h.h.h is the IP of the tftp server, g.g.g.g is the IP of the gateway, hostuserid/hostpassword for the tftp server (although I'm not sure if this is required). Our targetname is swbsr2xxx, but not sure that is required either. After the H command completed, it tells you to use the D command to decompress and execute it. Worked like a charm.

[VxWorks Boot]: H
boot device : marfec
unit number : 1
processor number : 0
host name : hostname
file name : /appImage_100P4904TRCU.bin
inet on ethernet (e) : b.b.b.b:ffffff00
host inet (h) : h.h.h.h
gateway inet (g) : g.g.g.g
user (u) : hostuserid
ftp password (pw) : hostpassword
flags (f) : 0x80
target name (tn) : swbsr2xxx

Attached TCP/IP interface to marfec1.
Loading Application Image...
netLoadAppImage: read 0x0041b17a bytes
netLoadAppImage: application image checksum = 0xde9e6ae1

netLoadAppImage: successful!

New appImage loaded. Change boot dev to FLASH: and type D to run it.

Boot image

I need de boot image from BSR200, please helpme my email is


I need new bootrom for BSR 2000, too. Please anybody send it to
Currently I have bootloader 1.0.29.

Thank you

BSR2000, boot flash


I too need this file, can you send me on e-mail


BSR200, boot flash

Hi, I need the file, can you send me pls, my email is


When my CMTS has initialized,

When my CMTS has initialized, It's displays this:

BSR 2000 Power-On Diagnostics...
Assembly PN = 520699-006-00
SN = G106651020600045
Upper Level
Assembly PN = 520025-006-00
SN = G106651011200039

BootROM Ver: 1.0.33 Created: Fri Apr 23 10:41:11 EDT 2010

1. CPU Section ...Passed
2. Memory Section ...Passed
3. I2C Section ...Passed
4. Network Section ...Passed
5. RF MAC Section ...Passed
6. RF Tx Section ...Passed
7. RF Rx Section ...Passed

BSR 2000 Passed All Power-On Diagnostics...

Checking Sector 115 for proper TFFS format header
mountFTL bad format: iPage 0 vol.pageTable: ffffffff
flMount: iTL = 0, status = 0x17
usrTffsConfig: tffsDevCreate failed.
tffsInit: usrTffsLnConfig failed
Compact Flash Driver not initialized... skipping format

I guess that I'm missing a bootimage ?. Could you help me?. I can upload an appImage.bin

Compact flash

for the most part it's used for log files. looks like you didn't post all of the output.
please post



ATM: i have a problem to BSR2k Checksum error.

boot device : NVRAM
unit number : 0
processor number : 0
host name : MOT
file name : appImage_100P59TRCU.bin
inet on ethernet (e) :
host inet (h) :
gateway inet (g) :
user (u) : reliance
ftp password (pw) : motorola
flags (f) : 0x0

Start application from NVRAM:
Booting image appImage_100P59TRCU.bin
isValidAppImage: Ram file checksum disagrees with original checksum!
Original xsum = 0xaed58d86, New xsum = 0xaed58585
doAppImageValidate: invalid application image
cmtsDecompExtApp: doAppImageValidate failed for file
No valid application image in nvram
Load image to Compact Flash failed! (image = 0xffffffff)

what is the problem?

bsr2000 bin

good day somebody knows this error ?by hyperterminal get Volume flash already formated and stay in vxworks boot:....... or where I get bin, thak

show p

post output from the prompt,. type p
that will print to show what what it will boot from, it's ip address and flags



Simply turn the unit off. remove the flash card, with a pc, copy the image onto the flash card and plug it back into the BSR.
set it to boot from flash with the new image

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