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BSR 2000 Accounting


I have a Motorola BSR 2000 and am looking for a way to collect customer billing (upload download usage) data from it. Has anyone else had to do this and did you come up with a solution that isn't overly complicated?

Thank in advance.

Modem stats

There's a few ways, the one I would recommend would be via snmp. not sure of the oid off the top of my head, but can get you the mibs if you need them. just need to confirm your bootrom and image. from cli, you can run a show cable modem stats and use that until you get the snmp working. you'll need to write a script to get all the info you need and depending on if the customers unplug the modems, may need to run it every few hours because the counter would start over.
output from my bsr2k

BSR2k#sh cab modem 0017.ee5e.bb8a stats
Interface Prim Connect Mac Address Tx Rx
Sid State KBytes KBytes
Cable 0/0/D0/U0/C0 26 online(pt) 0017.ee5e.bb8a 563667 563910


StorminPE (not verified)
RE Modem Stats

Sorry Carl, I haven't checked in for a while. Have you had to build something like this to report customer usage?

BSR 2000(tm) version 1.0.0P45.TRCU
Copyright (c) 2005 by Motorola.
Compiled Thu Sep 28 13:59:36 EDT 2006
MPC7447A processor with 512MB memory.
Boot ROM : 1.0.22
CPU : MPC7447A
Memory Size : 512 MB
Board Program ID : RD
Format Version : 11
Assembly Type : 39
Board Part Number : 520699-005-00
Board Serial Number : G060351000085045
Board Rev : C
Upper Level Part Number : 520025-005-00
Upper Level Serial Number : G060351000086501
Upper Level Rev : F
FPGA Revision : 0.220

Re Modem Stats

For the most part, most companies these days don't charge per usage. they may monitor to see if there's abuse, like a customer who's running a web or ftp server. But if your the only game in town lol
I can say the bootrom and software your running is very out of date and should be upgraded. post your email and I'll see if I can pass the current version along


StorminPE (not verified)
BSR 2000

Hi Carl,

I'll bug Motorola for a new image. I had problems the last time that we upgraded the image and had to get their help to get the image loaded.

We are in RUALE Alaska so our internet is feed via Satellite. We really need to have an overage system just to keep the 10% in line.

I don't know about the

I don't know about the Motorola units

but if the cmts won't do accounting for you, it wouldn't be very hard to script this. Put a machine on the same network as your modems with rrdtool, snmp and the scripting language of your choice. Then just poll the CMTS's to get MAC-IP relations for registered modems, run an snmpget for ifInOctets and ifOutOctets and log them to the rrd. The only 'tricky' part is making sure your rrd's are named based on MAC instead of IP (to handle dynaic IPS) and a check to make a new RRD if one doesn't exist before updating (to automatically add new modems). You could run this off of cron, or even something like nagios that could give you alerts when modems are approaching their limits.

Image upgrade

I've spoken with a few users and only seen problems when they upgrade from an ftp server located off the back office network. in the last case, 5 states away. email me a show tech and I'll look it over and reply back with what I find

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