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Arris/Motorola Firmware & CVC

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Arris/Motorola Firmware & CVC

Since the Commscope purchase of Arris I can't find anything about modem firmware, or where to obtain it.

I am in desperate need of firmware for...


Would anyone be willing to send me copies and the CVV?


The SB5100 series would be

The SB5100 series would be nice as well.. :)

digitalcm moved to Arris'

digitalcm moved to Arris' website a while ago, which redirects to and finally redirects to commscope's website

you will need an Arris support account to login, and they will need to entitle you to "DOCSIS CPE: SURFboard" please note only firmware for D3.0+ modems are there now, no longer link to any Docsis 1.1/2.0 modems.

If you downloaded firmware previously, you can still download older versions of software from but all links otherwise redirect to commscopes site.

Thanks, that got me a little

Thanks, that got me a little further with some of my logins.. but now I am awaiting approval. I couldn't locate "Docsis CPE: Surfboard" only Arris Firmware

Entitlement on Arris site was

Entitlement on Arris site was always slow.

I had both accounts (motorola and arris) and when they merged Docsis CPE: Surfboard appeared on my page. If it is not showing up reccomend calling Arris to get it authorized for your account.

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