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Anyway to check local node saturation

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Anyway to check local node saturation

Hi there,
Is there a way to know who is using too heavy the downstream channel in BSR64k ? Because 2.0 Cable modems with +30MB of speed will saturate the channels in a short time.


sh cab modem max

sounds like you may have theft of service issues. would recommend adding command to enforce bpi+ only, dhcp lease query and host auth.
as for who's taking too much data, like a 2.0 modem with over 30Mb, run show cable modem max . it would show the modem's qos in both directions. if one stands out of the norm, deny the modem

BSR:7A#sh cab modem max
Intf Prim Prim Modem Primary Upstream Primary Downstream
Cable DS US Mac Address US SFID Max-Rate DS SFID Max-Rate
2/0 10D0C0 U2C0L0 000b.0699.3eec 58966 9227469 33982 28835840
2/0 10D0C2 U0C0L0 000b.0699.3f1a 7663 9227469 33417 28835840
2/0 10D0C1 U0C3L0 000b.06a5.c2a0 34406 9227469 50343 28835840
2/0 10D0C0 U1C3L0 000b.06c7.02a6 14639 9227469 54783 28835840
2/0 10D0C2 U0C2L0 000b.06c8.ef42 16802 1730150 38357 3460300
2/0 10D0C2 U1C3L0 000b.06c8.efe2 34606 9227469 32007 28835840

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