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I have issue with skyworth CM4200 cable modem. It is locking with upstream modulation QPSK, however I have configured CMTS with 16QAM US profile.
Also it is not able to lock on high US frequency (above 50 MHZ). Pl confirm it's operating Upstream frequency range?


No specifications are listed on their website... Are you sure the modem supports splits higher than 0-42 Mhz?
If your sure it does, then it is likely there is a switchable diplexer built in on the cable modem that is changed from 0-42 to 0-85 or 0-204 via a MIB in the config file, contact the manufacturer for the appropriate mib.


I'm on seach for a cable modem with LTE failover capability via USB dongle

any suggestion on this ?

thanks a lot

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