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Cisco cBR-8 Broadcast Video - need help

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Cisco cBR-8 Broadcast Video - need help

Hello every1,

I am trying to run Broadcast Video over Cisco cBR8 and unfortunately I have stucked on WAN side setup.
My setup is simple: got 2x DVB-C streams (multicasts) that I would like to "see" on RF Video QAMs behind CMTS.

DVB-C source works (mcasts are being sent towards cBR).
"RF side" config is done: VCG, SDG, LED, table (table based) is configured
But I can't see any traffic on video QAMs...

I got this task as our video guy has changed his job but I have never touched video...

Currently I use SW 16.12.10g, but it looks that video did not change much since SW 16.6.x.
Could anyone help and (best) share a full running-config from cBR-8 showing how to configure Broadcast video
(ofc without credentials/keys and other "non public" data)?

Many thanks in advance

I remember seeing a section

I remember seeing a section called "Troubleshooting cBR-8 Converged Video Services"

Also maybe have a look in


Thx for the answer - I have read those two already.

Anyway, with small steps I am moving forward -> some example config would be very helpfull :)

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