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Firmware for the BSR2000

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Firmware for the BSR2000

My current version is the:

BSR 2000(tm) version 1.0.0P49.03.TRCU

Somebody know where I downloading the current code or last release for the BSR2000?

P59, I think so.

Thank you


BSR2k image

send me an email with a show tech and dir all.
from there I can get you that code

Trank you DrakerDG

Trank you


errno (not verified)
Are you hear anything about

Are you hear anything about (possible unsupported) firmware supporting simple bridging?
I need a configuration when clients can use PPPoE for Internet connection, but BSR can't terminate PPPoE :(

Thank you.


there is limited vlans right now. next main release should have full vlan functions

hope that helps

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