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BSR64000 - CACTI Template

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BSR64000 - CACTI Template


I am using Cacti Version 0.8.8b .

Is there any template for CMTS Motorola BSR64000 that shows Upstream Signal/channel and other .
I found on internet for bsr1000 but it does not work for bsr64k.


Cacti and bsr64000

Hi Endrit,
I did a quick search on and didn't see much of anything for the 64k. I didn't get to check Github though.
Did you try the Cisco templates, just in case they'd work? I doubt it, but you never know.

BSR64000 - CACTI Template

Hey thanks for your response.

I managed to make it work for the Upstream SNR values i wanted to view.
I used one i found on cacti forums for bsr 1000. under search for "bsr1000.rar"
I did some editing , adding field etc. not that were mandatory.
The OIDs used are of IF-MIB so they are not specific for BSR64000.
I didn't change the hash of the files if any one wonders.
I imported the files one by one and they were imported successfully .