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Dear, I am trying to install a new 20x20 card in slot 5/0 in a cmts ubr10k with pre-4 and I am not able to activate it. The LEDs on this card turn green on POWER, off on STATUS and orange on MAINT. So I've seen that means the board is not being powered. I've tried all the commands below without success.

- CMTS_uBR10K_Tub#cable power on 5/0
Line Card 5/0 is POWERED ON

- CMTS_uBR10K_Tub#hw-module subslot 5/0 reset

- CMTS_uBR10K_Tub(config)#no hw-module subslot 5/0 shutdown

Attached is some information on some commands. Anyone have any suggestions. Is it a hardware problem? If the license is not installed, does it?

Thank you, Flavio.

Did you try inserting in

Did you try inserting in another slot ? Might be hardware issue , you can talk with supplier if it is still under warranty ..

Do you have two working DTCC

Do you have two working DTCC cards?

from documentation:
The Cisco uBR10012 universal broadband router must have two DOCSIS Timing, Communication and Control (DTCC) cards configured before installing the Cisco UBR-MC20X20V cable interface line card.



            Thank you for your support. The new CMTS does not have 2 DTCCs but I tested one of the boards in a CMTS where I have 2 DTCCs and 5 20x20 boards running and had the same problem. I think the problem is same hardware, I already requested the second DTCC and solution for the two boards that did not work for the vendor.