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show cable modem via snmp?

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show cable modem via snmp?


does anybody knows if there is a way to get via SNMP something similiar of the CMTS console output for the command "show cable modem"?


show cable modem via snmp?

Hello rcjuan,

here the easiest way:

Get a Mib Browser, like this Link and install them.

Get the DOCS-MIBS. There ara available by the docsis-tool at this site.

Start the Mib-Browser, load the Mib, e.g. DOCS-IF-EXT and make a Get-Subtree to the Cable-IP-Address.

Now, you should got many informations from the cablemodem via SNMP and you can choice which you will use.

Postscript: Natureally, the SNMP-Communty must be right or you use SNMPv1.

Have fun.