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Remote DOCSIS Engineer

Due to wife's position and contractual obligations I can not relocate, but 90% of all DOCSIS work I have done has been at remote sites, so that might work. Occasional travel shouldn't be too much of an issue. Willing to negotiate options for part time support.

Experience with:
Arris C4
Arris E6k
Plant troubleshooting
Break/fix (temporary solutions)
Fair understanding of RF
Utilization management
Basic understanding of MIBs
Modem configs

General Networking experience:
IP Subnetting
L3 (limited)
IP Management
Cisco Switch/ASA Hardware inc Catalyst series consumer to large enterprise grade, Nexus, and extremely limited experience with fabric.
Base experience with firewalls, but this is one of those "yes I've done it, and no I'm not an expert" items.

Basic background:
Worked for both minor and major players in cable.
Presently a network engineer for a healthcare provider.
Have done PC/Desktop Support, Cable Management/Fiber Management(not that that means much for a remote worker), Base Systems Administration, DOCSIS Network Engineering, IP Network Engineering, and a slew of other duties in between.
Best described as a Jack of all Trades, Master of None--I know there are more focused people capable of a better job in any one or two fields, but I have always served as a good bridge between gaps.
Resourceful. Some of the things I have had to do would be frowned on, but in a pinch they have worked as temporary fixes while the real solutions are brought to bear.

Am located in Kansas if anyone local along the I-135 corridor is looking for a new engineer. Firm on drive time, though. Remote is best, unless you're within 30 minutes of my home, as far as daily drive times are concerned.

Blunt, honest, and professional.
Willingness to ask the stupid questions for baselines others just assume.

I can provide several references within/from the DOCSIS community on request.

If there is interest, you may email me at [ forhire <-a.t"> Leuthcorps <;dot,> com ] with subject line "Remote DOCSIS" in the title so that my filters catch it.

Rakesh Reddy (not verified)
Can we connect

I want to learn some basic of DOCSIS, can we connect any other media to understand. My Mail id

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