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Help Provisioning eMTA

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Help Provisioning eMTA

Few years ago I bought few cable modems including Arris TM602g units. I never tried the idea of provide telephone service until now.
I'm having trouble provisioning the eMTA side, and I think is because I’m trying to provisioning SIP on those cable modems.
Seems that the cable modem firmware has to be change to make it work on SIP provisioning and that part has to be provide by Arris itself.
I bought it to an Arris re-seller. I want to know if you can help me getting this eMTA Firmware thing on the way.

I'm looking for help with the config files for those devices, If I can have one as example would be GREAT!
Our provisioning software works great for cablemodems but we are interested in make an upgrade to work also eMTA.

I'm not interested in telephony service as a traditional provider does, I want to use the eMTA side to speak only locally (eMTA - eMTA, eMTA - HelpService)) without rate or pricing over that service.

I'm really looking for help to develop this and get dial tone of course... I'm able to pay you for your collaboration as soon as we get somewhere.

if you are available let me know:

1. You need to ensure you

1. You need to ensure you have SIP firmware on the modem

2. You have a normal CM config file that optionally includes a command to instruct the eMTA which provisioning method to use (there are quite a few choices. PacketCable is the default, but you can override this to be Arris BASIC, Arris GUPI etc)

3. You configure your CM DHCP OFFER to include option 122 (this will "wake up" the eMTA)

4. Once the CM has booted, the eMTA will wake up and do a DISCOVER

5. You configure your MTA DHCP OFFER to include all the right data for the provisioning method of your choice

6. The eMTA will download a config file

7. You need to have a SIP server (eg asterisk) for your eMTA to register to

Arris have very comprehensive documentation which shows how to achieve above. Also there are a fair few examples elsewhere on this site if you do some searches.

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