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[Help] Driver Cable modem Motorola Sb5101 for win7 X64

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[Help] Driver Cable modem Motorola Sb5101 for win7 X64

Hello All!
i using the cable modem Motorola Sb5101, it install driver usb for win 7 x86 ok but not install for win 7 x64. i don't have driver for win 7 x64, can you sent or share for me it.
Thanks so much.

Thats a 32bit driver, won't

Thats a 32bit driver, won't work on 64bit win7. You'll need to get a newer docsis 3 model to support win7. Frankly, you'd be better off putting an ethernet card in whatever you're trying to hook to and use the ethernet port. And, typically, its either one or the other, most modems won't let you use both at the same time, so, if thats what you're after, just get a router.

NIC / Router is the best option

Capm says it right. Use router or use ethernet option of modem if not router. Microsoft says its not compatible [http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/Details.a...
I was browsing and found following page.. I have not tested or downloaded it so i can not gurantee. if you still want to use USB option.. you may try this at your own risk. [http://www.givemefile.net/drivers/file/182661.html]

Well, wrong I am...

Low and behold, Windows 7 USB Drivers for Motorola Modems. Make sure your modems have the latest firmware (I believe


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