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Cacti Graphs

HI, I am looking for help regarding Cacti Graphs like DS PWR, DS SNR, US PWR; US SNR, T3, T4, MicroReflections , wideband and other things for cacti to graphs . My specific immediate need is to complete a template with cacti, learn to integrage the template/import/export etc.

My test environment is configured with CentOS 6,8 with uBR7246 and i can add some test modems, all work can be done remotely.
Please message me with your hourly rate.

Thank you.

Cacti Version

Hi Which Cacti version are you using and what is your desired poller intervall?

Version 1.0.4

Hello righter,

Thank you for your response. Im using the Cacti Version Version 1.0.4 and the desiver poller intervall 5min/10minutes. Could anyone help me for this case on Cacti.
i would like to get some help to archive this. If anyone already has done this, i'm able to pay something to get this project working.

We use Cacti. I'm not the

We use Cacti. I'm not the greatest at it, but I bully my way through and make it go.

I have no idea what an hourly rate might be, because there's a good chance you're only a few minutes away from what you need.

CMTS Stats

It's ready been done search for these you'll see the entire setup.
-rw-r--r-- 1 cacti cacti 2369 Jul 18 12:24 ss_docsis_cmts_cm_count.php
-rw-r--r-- 1 cacti cacti 2756 Feb 22 14:49 ss_docsis_stats.php


Hello windwaterwaves, Hello JMH

First of all thank you very much for your response.
I have a small operator with a cisco 10k - 2 MC20x20 cards.

I did some tests to import the templates : ss_docsis_stats.php and ss_docsis_cmts_cm_count.php and some others and i was able to start graphing some data with too much difficults but after many hours sitting and trying i managed it to see some graphs.
But again i would re-install cacti and try it again with some help from someone that knows Cacti very well : like getting with teamviewer and explaining from the scretch ( not installing cacti but How to use it andd add devices , importing templates etc) .

I know that there are many docs but i would appreciate to learn it fast by getting help from somebody with more experience than me.

What would be interesting to learn is how to integrate a modem/cmts via SHELL and assign some templates to them. Because if i start now to add every modem to cacti and assign templates to them it's difficult and it would take me hours or some days to do it.
I want to learn the way how to do it by doing it via shell by using mactrack/autom8 or any other solution that would help for this.
For example when i add 1 modem to my provisioing system, to start graphing the modem with one template that i have prepared.
I would be happy if anyone has some time and hints for me to archieve this work and project. :)

if yes please add me to skype : n-orix11

The unfortunate side of Cacti

The unfortunate side of Cacti--unless you have the MacTrack setup, as well as Autom8 (I don't, actually... despite the desire to). You'll have to do static management IP addresses for your modems if that's what you're wanting to track.

Our own..

A couple of us on here have developed our own modem query scripts that build RRD files just like cacti, although not multi threaded or as reliable. I thought about pushing the modems to cacti and gave up, therefore the custom php.

You can do that

You can do that with Zabbix
You can create templates , autodiscover rules for Cable Modems, and run scripts in your CMTS from there
It is not than easy
First learn Zabbix

Telegraf - Grafana

You should use telegraf and grafana. This is a dashboard I've made with it. Contact me on my email:

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Computer Programmer to the rescue

Hey brother,

I was in docsis and private cable for 15 years. Netflix killed the industry for me so I went back to my first love (computer programming). I work in SEO, Marketing and Web Design now. I can make you a custom web interface that is mobile friendly and you can almost use it as a meter in the field. It's a cable operators dream. You can know anything about a plant because these wonderful DOCSIS 3 modems are telling you everything. All I need are the SNMP strings and access to your CMTS and I can get you any data you want and display in any way you want. It's not too good to be true because it's not free. lol I won't break the bank. Call me. Let's talk. Anyone can call for that matter. I love doing this. By the way, I can write a billing interface too that turns off cable modems, accept online payments, turns them back on... I have even developed workorder systems for field techs.


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