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WTS: Cisco CMTS Routers / Modem Cards

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DataHardware - Lee
WTS: Cisco CMTS Routers / Modem Cards


I have the follow Cisco CMTS equipment available for sale. All are in stock located in Orange County, California. It's been fully tested by certified Cisco technicians and backed with a 1 year warranty. There's also FREE shipping included anywhere inside the continental United States. Please contact me if you have any interest, questions or concerns.

6x uBR7223 (uBR7223 Chassis w/ 2MC, 1PA slot, Fan Tray)
4x uBR7246VXR (uBR7246VXR Chassis w/ 4MC + 2PA slots, Clock Card slot, Fan Tray)
1x uBR7225VXR (uBR7225VXR Chassis w/ 2MC + 1PA Slot, Fan Tray)
3x uBR10012 (uBR10012 Chassis w/ 8MC+4WAN+2TCC+,2PRE Slots,Display,Fan Tray

4x uBR7200-I/O-FE (uBR7200 Input/Output Controller with Fast Ethernet Port)

2x uBR7200-NPE-G1 (uBR7200 NPE w/ 256MB mem;64MB Flash;3 GE/FE/E and I/O ports)

2x uBR-MC11C (uBR7200 Modem Card, 1 downstream, 1 upstream)
1x uBR-MC14C (uBR7200 Modem Card, 1 downstream, 4 upstream)
8x uBR-MC16B (uBR7200 Spectrum Management card, 1 downstream, 6 upstream)
8x uBR-MC16C (uBR7200 Modem Card, 1 downstream, 6 upstream)
6x uBR-MC16E (uBR7200 8MHz Modem Card, 1 downstream, 6 upstream @ 5-65MHz)
4x uBR-MC16S (uBR7200 Spectrum Management Card, 1 downstream, 6 upstream)
5x uBR-MC28C (uBR7200 Modem Card, 2 downstream, 8 upstream, F-conn)
6x uBR-MC28U (uBR7200 Modem Card, 2 DS w/Upx, 8 US, ATDMA, Adv PHY, CPU)
1x UBR-MC88V (uBR7200 DOCSIS3.0 Modem Card, 8 DS w/Upx, 8 US, SCDMA)

2x uBR10-MC5X20H-D (uBR10K High-Performance Card, 5DS w/upx, 20US, Spec An)
1x uBR10-MC5X20S-D (uBR10K Line Card, 5DS w/upx, 20US, Spec Analyzer, dense conn)
2x uBR10-MC5X20U-D (uBR10K Universal Card, 5DS w/ UPX, 20US, Spec An, Dense)

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