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Webstar 2100

Can anyone tell me what the maximum throughput of an SA Webstar DPC2100R2 is? I've read on Cisco's website that it is 43 Mbps (which should probably read more like 38 Mbps), but when configuring it for 30Mbps through my cmts, I can only get about 5Mbps. This is almost directly off of the CMTS, so I'm sure the slow down is not plant related.
Thanks in advance,

No issue at 15Mbps

I've seen the 2100r2 - software v2.0.2r1256 and v2.0.2r1244 - provisioned and operating normally at 15Mbps. Is speed slow on all provisioned bitrates?

I assume your test setup is correct, but just in case, I'll make the standard disclaimer: Make sure the modem is somewhere between -10/+10 on the rx signal and 38-50 on the tx with no FEC going on. I've seen a lot of local test setups fail because of rf power issues. :)

Modem File

Could you send me your modem file? I can look it over and try it on my lab. I've averaged about 28Mb, but that's in a lab. since you've connected to the cmts directly, should be better. was the returning from the hfc connected?


Small config

I'm not currently in a position where I'm working with config files -- just CMTS management. I use some simple 6Mbps/512k config files for lab RF testing. The Webstars on the plant I work with are routinely provisioned for 10Mbps and rarely for 15Mbps. They seem to handle those fine. You mentioned that you got 28Mbps in your lab; that sounds much more reasonable for a Webstar than 5Mbs. I'm wondering if you're running into the cpu limits of the modem at the 30Mbps mark.

Side note: I've noticed that many simple "speed test" web pages based on javascript start producing erroneous results at speeds beyond 15-20Mbps; that's likely due to limitations of the browser. I'd suggest commercial testers, iperf or something more accurate if you're not already using those.

Cutting out BPI, sigs and filters, my test config is just this: (note the speeds are slightly overprovisioned)

24 (Upstream Service Flow Encodings)
S01 Service Flow Reference = 1
S06 QoS Parameter Set Type = 7
S07 Traffic Priority = 3
S08 Max Sustained Traffic Rate = 588000
S09 Max Traffic Burst = 1768
S10 Min Rsvd Traffic Rate = 0
S14 Max Concatenated Burst = 1768
S15 Service Flow Scheduling Type = 2

25 (Downstream Service Flow Encodings)
S01 Service Flow Reference = 2
S06 QoS Parameter Set Type = 7
S08 Max Sustained Traffic Rate = 6900000
S09 Max Traffic Burst = 12500000
S10 Min Rsvd Traffic Rate = 0

I believe the burst rates will need to be increased when expanding the sustained traffic rates. Hope this helps-

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