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I am trying to find any information regarding this CMTS device, but it seems that company does not exist anymore.
Can anyone share any light on these devices ? Are they any good ?

cableguy613 (not verified)
stay away from them!

Stay far away from Warpera!!
Bad experience with one that is still occuring inaccurate diagnostics, very unstable system, perhaps just this one, but the ONE other person that knew of Warpear told me also to stay far away, lots of troubles, the DS RF being one big reason Warpera is out of business!

I'd tend to agree

Although I haven't heard of this company, I'd tend to agree that you should probably steer clear of unsupported CMTSs. Even if you manage to get it set up and working, its firmware is frozen in time -- never to have bug fixes or updates. If some new modems or type of data traffic suddenly starts causing your CMTS to crash, you'll probably won't have any recourse to correct it.

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