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VLC test on CMTS C2200

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VLC test on CMTS C2200

Hi Everyone,
As title, I test this for video stream on ip layer. But I can't watch video stream through vlc client. Below is my test topology:
windows server 2008(vlc server) - CMTS C2200 - Cable modem(bridge mode) - windows 7(vlc client)

I played a video stream on vlc server. Does any configuration need on CMTS C2200 ?
Many thanks.


thinking the root issue is your running a new version of vlc. for multicast it only allows one hop. so getting to the cpe or pc network behind a cable modem is more than one hop. run wireshark and you'll see a request going up, but nothing in. on the server side, you'll see no requests.
find the original vlc media player 0.8h Janus version and you can set the ttl above one, like 4 or 10 for example.
another option, use something like MediaCaster (mine runs on Fedora) and set ttl about 5 and it'll work



Sorry for late response. I'll try your way to test and thank you for your recommmand. But I have a question is that not any configure about video stream on downstream service group setting ?

Thank you for your kindly help!

should have

multicast authorization enable

multicast authorization match-profile 1

multicast authorization max-session-num 5

multicast authorization profile 1
session-rule 1 accept priority 100

multicast group config 1
qos-id 1
priority 100

multicast group qos 1 netplus single

multicast load-balance initial-tech direct

ip pim rp-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

interface docsis-mac 1
no shutdown
no dhcp-authorization
no early-authentication-encryption
no tftp-enforce
no tftp-proxy
ip bundle 1

the downstream and upstream don't need anything added

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