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Vendor ID?

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Vendor ID?

I have a modem config file editor that came with a demo version
of BroadbandProvisioner 4.4 from Weird Solutions that is complaining
about not seeing vendor specific info in some existing config files I'm
trying to mess around with. Wont' even open the file for editing. The
modems are Moto SB4100's and 5120's, so what's the vendor ID for
these, or should it even matter to an editing app? Doesn't seem to for
the other editing apps I'm trying to learn about and they're coming
online just fine with the existing configs.

And is anyone even using BroadbandProvisioner?


Motorola Vendor-ID

Hi Poge,

the Vendor-ID are mostly the first 6 Numbers/Letters of the MAC-Address.

There is always a master Vendor-ID which could be found in the documentation or
throug the vendors-Support. For Motorola it is "002040".

I didn't ever use BroadbandProvisioner and I'm not familiar with its tools but its a little bit strange
that the files could not be opened. Did you try docsis from ?


Vendor ID, etc.

Hello Benedikt.

Thanks for the info. I'll plug it into the spot the app seems to want and see what happens.
I've messed with docsis only briefly on a Windows box and should probably try getting it
up and running on on my Linux lab rig asap. Been using the Moto config editor along with
the VultureWare app for my initial learning curve process. Still pretty green with Linux and
have seen all the problems folks have had trying to get docsis compiled correctly. Didn't
need that aggrevation on top of just trying to get a simple dhcp/tftp server setup going for
the first time!
Now that all the year end activity has subsided I'll be getting back into my project quite
heavily and will likely have many more questions -- especially on the LLC filtering stuff in
the modem configs.

Thanks to all for their assistance so far.


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