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url path to TFTP server

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url path to TFTP server

I have trouble getting URL path to TFTP server where stored boot file. Cisco EPC3000 Docsis 3.0 modem.
I used Query tool to request broadcast response, and got server response with boot file name, and various DNS and DHCP details, but Server address field show
Any tips?

You will have to be a little

You will have to be a little more specific in your request, Are you a service provider having trouble with your DHCP server handing out right info? Or are you an end user trying to find the tftp server of your provider? If the former please indicate what dhcp server you are using, and describe the problem in a bit more detail. If the latter, you are probably not going to find the answer you seek here, these forums are mainly for service providers not end users, the forums at broadbandreports.com would probably be a better venue to ask your question.

RE: url path to TFTP server

both cases. I'm small ISP, little network. But as end user, I want to look at config file of another provider, to see what settings used in config.

i doubt you can get TFTP

i doubt you can get TFTP detail from CPE network - most cable operators and most provisioning software block that kind of attempt.

if you have trouble configuring EPC3000 maybe you should ask specific question here or start looking for provisioning software, like mine solution :)

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