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Urgent: please help me ( ARRIS-TM402G )

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Urgent: please help me ( ARRIS-TM402G )

Hello ,,
When i login to my router by telnet and appear line Console>
i set mta , then i set config .
i need the command of show the sip information username and password , because when i set showconfig command the router tell me this command not found .

please can any one help me.

thank you

Why do you need this

Why do you need this information?

If you are an ISP, you should know the username/password already.

If you are a customer, then you probably do not need this information, as MTA is usually setup/managed by the ISP. If you feel you are entitled to know the information then you should probably contact your ISP.


Thank you for reply ,
Yes i'm ISP , because i'm install update the last firewire of the router to prevent any hacker to exploite my router .
i have the command of config , but can't show the sip information .
please tell me now this information is hidden after updates or there are another command to explain the sip information by telnet
Thank you


You need to get the manual from Arris for the version of TS software you're using. If you get a support contract with them, you'll get access to their sso site where you can download latest firmware and manuals. Its not terribly expensive and its worth every dime.

No any one can help me

No any one can help me ,
i need the commands of Arris router please
Thank you

I can help


Email me and I'll help you.


I'm send to you email

I'm send to you email , i'm waiting you

Arris will not show it

Arris will not show any passwords not even in a console. If you're any ISP than you should know what your U/P for sip are or just simply replace mta config with a new one.

Thank You

Yhank you for replay
how can i download mta config file or how can i change this config
thank you

You need to read up on docsis

You need to read up on docsis provisioning. And get the support contract with Arris for emta's. You'll get the PacketAce program for your config files, in addition to the manuals.

Config file

Sounds like you don't understand the process. Each time the MTA boots up it downloads its config from your provisioning server. The MTA doesn't typically save any of this information between resets or power cycles.

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