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Upstream Power limiting

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Upstream Power limiting

Does anyone now if there is a way to limit the cable modem upstream power ?
Specifically I need to limit the cable modem to 50 dbmv max upstream.
System is a BSR2000 with SB5101 modems.


Plant and combining

Regardless of the cmts used, be it Motorola, Cisco, etc.. the cmts receiver would be configured for a given freq, channel width and receive power level. you can't control what a modem's max transmit level is. same for downstream receive level. if you have all the modems transmitting at 54 dbmv for example, you can remove some pads going into the receiver or lower the receive level in the receiver config.
best modem levels would be 0 receive and around 45 transmit.
can't do a modem config file that says max is 50 transmit or snmp into the modems and limit them that way. not docsis spec

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