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update sw arris mta

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update sw arris mta
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              I am trying to upgrade the sw mta arris model tm602a. with a lot of mta could upgrade to the image sip TS0601110_093010_MODEL_6_SIP_TELNET_ON but has a lot that does not upgrade the sw. What do could be? the CVC does not recognize that the sw this outdated? is to force an upgrade of sw otherwise? Attached screens mta what does and another that does the upgrade.

Thanks, Flavio.

Hi Flavio

The way I would approach this is to identify one of the mac id's of the modems that doesn't upgrade, telnet into it via the CMTS and run a debug console trace on the modem via its directory. If you reset the modem, the modem then tell you why it won't upgrade.

SW - Arris

Flavio - Do you have a copy of the new 4.0 version for the CMTS1000, please?


what is your email?

Some suggestions

* Agree that telnet to the modem and watch console is a good way to go

* What firmware versions do the troublesome modems have? I think some TM6xx with really old software had to go through an intermediate upgrade :

"Upgrade Support of Loads Prior to TS 6.1.60 on TM601, TM602, TM604 and DTM602 Models
A special release of firmware is available to help customers upgrade from TS 6.1 releases
prior to TS 6.1.60 on Model 6 hardware safely. This load was released to prevent the
issue described in AFB-09-0309R1. This only affects the TM601, TM602, TM604 and
DTM602 models. A special load extension of CMONLY.NORIP has been created to
designate this special firmware release. ARRIS recommends a double upgrade be
preformed on units running a release affected by this issue."

[edit, just saw your attachments, you are upgrading for 5.2.x, but your OK unit was older than Not-OK so that is interesting...]

* Note that 6.1.110 is pretty old. If you are going to the effort to upgrade you should try and get to latest (which would be 6.1.133 from memory)

up sw mta

thanks for the help. some observations:

- I can not access via telnet moden that these are all with old version;

- Just got the sw version 6.1.110T.SIP that works well with my sip server. I need to be able to upgrade my mta for this version at least;

- I noticed that all modems with version 5.2.69 do not upgrade the sw and other versions do. see attached files;

- With these observations have any tips to give me?

Thank you, Flavio.

Latest Firmware for TM601A

Please, do you have the latest firmware for TM601A? could you share it please? I have a problem with MTA interface, the config file is not right because I got the message failConfigFileError in MTA Status menu. I'm trying to use the same MTA config file than TM501, I want to try upgrading FW to solve this problem, do you think could be work? THe current FW is TS060138B_111708_MODEL_6.

Thanks so much in advance.


what is your email?

update sw arris mta

Flavio - lnorman@teamdocsis.com .

Thank You, MUCH.

May I ask for 4.0 too?

For my 1000's - a few :)



sorry but I have this firmware. At the time I cheated.

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