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Unexpected downtime

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Unexpected downtime

The docsis website went down for a day when the motherboard blew while I was traveling. $200 and one linux initrd recompile later it's back up. Sorry for the trouble. As for the terrible spam of late - I'm running a handful of things that are supposed to be fighting that - captcha during registration, etc. However, the pure amount of attempted registrations and junk postings has gone up 10x more than usual for the last couple of months and hasn't slowed one bit.

I added another anti-spam script in that fight a couple days back so hopefully things run a bit quieter for a while. I'm still looking for a better way to display the forums so that they appear more like typical phpBB style.

Appreciate it

I'm sure I speak for the others that we appreciate your hosting the site and the work you put into it


What a great resource

Yes I agree, what a great resource this site it! The answer to any DOCSIS question can be found here.

The only thing lacking is a more modern web interface :-)

Yoyo, I would be interested to hear the original history behind this site. Are you a cable operator?

Ditto on the appreciation

Hell, I'd still be running LANcity cable modems if it weren't for this site. Well, actually, I am....(but there are only 128 left out there, so I'm almost done!) LOL

Now if I can just figure out how to run 2 uBR's on the same plant with one dhcp server...



each system would have a different scope. cmts 1 /18 and the second /18 for example

Yeah, Carl...., I sorta get

Yeah, Carl...., I sorta get that part - hehe. ;-)

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