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Unable To Get IP Address For CM

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Unable To Get IP Address For CM

Unable To Get IP Address For CM

I have a test bed with BSR64000 and Motorola SB6120 cable modems.The DHCP server is Cisco CNR 7.0 running on Solaris 10.0.When I checked the DHCP logs I am getting requests from Cable modem ,DHCP server is generating the configuration but DHCP offer is not reaching to cable modem.I used Wireshark to analyze the traffic ,what I noticed was, there was no DHCP offer packet being put on ethernet by DHCP server although application has generated the DHCP address.

Following are the details about my setup:
DHCP Server IP:
DHCP Pool for Cable Modems: to
CMTS IP address:
CMTS cable side IP address:
Cable helper address:

I have added static route route on DHCP server pointing 200.200.200 traffic towards -the CMTS interface.Cable modem is not getting any IP address.

I would appreciate if blog subscribers can help me in fixing this problem.Let me know if more details are required.

Ranjeet Badhe

Motorola config


How is yor BSR config? Have you already configure the cable helper-address command? I don't know about Cisco dhcp sever but I think is a firewall like trouble.

Hope this helps

Got Solved

On Solaris system which is hosting DHCP applications ,I reconfigured the IP parameters and static routing.Also reinstalled the DHCP application server.Now it is working.Thanks for your kind attention and support.

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