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UGS (upstream) not working C3 arris

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UGS (upstream) not working C3 arris

i set up a cm file where i got 3 services flow


1 primary BE
2 secondary BE (sip)
3 UGSAD (Voice)

the classifier for the voice is with the port 16300-16500

when i use BE instead of of UGS the data come trough the flow but as soon
as UGSAD or UGS come in no data come through sometimes voice doesn't get through sometime the voice goes into the primary flow with the data.

im using ata behind modem with ip flag

0xb8 and 0x68 both for sip and rtp

the asterisk sip server match those value 5060 and rtp between 16300-16500

iv tried to put the flag in cm file to act as the classifier TOS using 184 for the voice and 104 for sip signaling no luck

and bye the way my downstream is working great with the 3 flows with the same classifiers any hint???????

UGS (upstream) not working C3 arris

Rather than classify the data by protocol or port number, try classifying it by destination and source.

i.e. traffic from the mta to the asterisk server ip is given its own upstream flow.

And most importantly traffic from asterisk to the mta is given its own downstream flow.

I use this method and it works very well. It also prevents dropped calls or poor quality when they aggressively downloading on the data side.

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