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UGS & UGS-AD Eating Upstream Bandwidth

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UGS & UGS-AD Eating Upstream Bandwidth

Hi to all

Recently I added VoIP service in our EURODOCSIS network. I cant implement PacketCable and DQOS so i tryed to put the voice calls in UGS flow. The problem is that when i put some cable modems in UGS with MAB=10 and CAP=100, the USG flow gets reserved bandwidth of about 2mbps in the upstreams even if allow_share=yes for the UGS flow and this bandwidth isn't free even no cable modem with voip adapter behind it is currently in use. Also, very few modems go online (about 7 ) and then the next one that tries gets rejected(r). It's the same thing when i use UGS-AD. I have Motorola BSR2000 CMTS and the UGS and UGS-AD are with default configurations.

has anyone solved this? i need help!
thanks in advance

is it sip?

your not using PacketCable or Dqos. your mab is set for 10% of the bandwidth available. What is the number of modems per receiver? modulation downstream and upstream? channel width? what is the service speed wise for the average customer? how many virt. channels do you use? sorry, I could go on... send me a show tech with a copy of your post and I'll help you resolve the problem

Thanks for the reply, It is

Thanks for the reply,

It is SIP: Our partner(the party where the Call Managment Server is located) for VoIP is using SIP signalisation and has not implemented PacketCable so wee cant use it. Can we use DQOS without PacketCable?

Downstream modulation:256QAM
Upstream modulation:modulation-profile 102 (qpsk)

Before inserting modems with VoIP the upstream bandwidth didnt go above 8mbps, so when full, if modems with voip are in BE flow the voip service was degraded even if we have better traffic priority and scheduling priority for them. I think it should go to 10mbps?

After inserting modems in UGS flow, the upstream bandwidth went to 7mbps. The voip service is working well on full upstream but we managed to get only about 7 modems per upstream working and after that no more modems could go online ( rejected(r) )

Then we put about 10 modems per upstream in UGS-AD and upstream banwidth went to 6mbps and again VoIp is working fine when upstream is full but no more modems could go online (rejected(r) ) and because of limited bandwidth, internet service got a big latency.

About UGS I know that if I reserve traffic in this flow it would be unaccessible for other flows. But in UGS-AD it should be free when no one is using it or when there is inactivity in the flow. I have put allow_share=yes for all the service flows with no change, the bandwidth ramains reserved only for the VoIP modems.

hope to hear some help :D

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