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ubr7200 + thomson thg540

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ubr7200 + thomson thg540

Hello everybody ...

I've been working with normal DOCSIS cable modems ( without VOIP ) for some time now .. well .. didn't get too much problems .. they just worked .. create the simple conf file .. 'compile' it .. put it in dhcp .. made a simple php script to generate dhcp entries based on sql .. anyhow .. everything worked well ..
now .. voip .. thg540 .. I noticed I had to add something new to it in order to make the usb usable for example ..
VendorIdentifier 0x001095;
GenericTLV TlvCode 25 TlvLength 1 TlvValue 0x02;

which I'm not sure it's right .. I made the asterisk server work ( tried it with two ekigas soft phones in the network ) .. not I gotta make the tgh use the asterisk .. anyone can give some pointers on how to get it working ? .. some cm/mta config files .. anything other that you guys might think is useful ..
I can barely wait to dial "100" and hear ringing :D

Thanks in advance ..

xsimio (not verified)
still need help ?

i can help U I have thg 540 and THG 520 for about 2 years, working ok with ubr7246vxr and sip ...

cmts (not verified)
is this offer still

is this offer still up-to-date? here is someone who is not quite sure about the two configfile which should be created...

reagrds from norway


I still didn't get them working .. I did make asterisk work with a sip softphone .. no luck with the modems ..

-- My wish ... --


Well, yes I do :) Could we do IM ? email ? ( I'm on yahoo fomyfo and on msn : fomyfo@hotmail.com ) ..

-- My wish ... --

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