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UBR10k remote query

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UBR10k remote query

Hello everybody!
There is UBR10K with modems working in 2.0 and 3.0 mode. I need to configure modem polling using remote query to find out the US / DS signal values. Before that, I would like to know why modems in 3.0 mode show values via scm verbose ​​(all 4 US values) & phy, and why 2.0 modems do not show anything (0.0)
I would also like to know how much CPU will be loaded if 4000 modems are polled

To poll this data, the CMTS

To poll this data, the CMTS talks to the CM via SNMP

Therefore the CM needs to have appropriate SNMP entries in its config file (community name, permitted subnets etc)

Do you have the same SNMP stanza in your D2 and D3 CM config files?

4000 modems should be no problem.
I have a uBR10k with 6000 modems and it is all working fine, CPU sits between 65 and 70. (PRE4 supervisor)

You can control how often the remote-query data is polled. We have it set to poll every 10 mins. The data may not actually update every 10 mins though, it could be longer if CMTS cant complete a full polling cycle in this time. If you are wanting to reduce load you could make the polling cycle longer eg hourly or 4 hourly.

Another gotcha with remote-query, is you cant used the same SNMP community for CMTS<->Modem and CMTS<->management station
eg cant use MYCOMM1 for both of below :

cable modem remote-query 10 MYCOMM1
snmp-server community MYCOMM2 RO MYSNMPACL


"Do you have the same SNMP stanza in your D2 and D3 CM config files?" - yes
"4000 modems should be no problem"

Thank you, i will try it then

polling interval for remote query

<1-86400> Periodic polling interval in seconds

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