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uBR 7246 and 3com sharkfin modems

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uBR 7246 and 3com sharkfin modems

Me and my team just finished a transition from 3com CompleteControl CMTS to a new Cisco uBR 7246. Everything was going well until we noticed that our 3com Sharkfin Homeconnect modems weren' coming up. Well, they started coming up, one by one, still some down, but there is a problem during downloads. The modems themselves are dropping packets and never reaching their provisioned speed.

We do have some 3com HomeConnect modems working fine, but they older than the ones that seem to be having problems, and the newer ones obviously have newer firmware. None of our other modems we have tested (Motorola SBV5120, Terayon TA-102, Toshiba (not sure on model), Arris Touchstone T501A) have this problem. They all work great, but for some reason the 3com homeconnet sharkfin's wont. Any ideas? Im desperate for help. Im managing 1000 subs and 90% of the modems are 3com HomeConnect Sharkfin cable modems.

uBR 7246 and 3com sharkfin modems

Are you shore that RF parameters are the same as they were before? Same frequency, same channel width and same modulation profile? Basically, all cable modems and cmtss are working almost the same at rf level (I know there is some differences, but everything must be docsis compliant and certified), so there should not be that much difference. Newer hardware or firmware can resolve some issues, but if it worked on one system, it should work on any other.

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