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Ubee DVW3201B trouble

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Ubee DVW3201B trouble

I have a problem with these PKTC2.0 EDVAs.

They work for a while, but then after between 5 minutes and an hour, they stop being able to place or take calls.
They send a BYE message immediately after they send or receive 200 on an INVITE. Resulting in a busy tone.
There's no error message or anything to explain it on either syslog or SNMP.

Does anyone have a clue what could be wong?

I probably would be able to find out what's wrong or just not have that problem if it used NCS instead of SIP.
I've got a bunch of Ubee DVW326 and they work great, and they're PacketCable 1.5.

If anyone could send me a PKTC1.5 firmware image for the DVW3201B, it would be great too. thanks.