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Trace provisionning

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Trace provisionning


Is there a way to trace all the provisionning sequence (dhcp,tftp, mta, etc..) from the CMTS ? or a tool to follow the differnt request from the cmts to the others device of the network and from the others device to the cmts (modem, mta, cpe ...).
How to do ?
And is there a document to be sure that anything is missing when a cmts configuration is finished ?

Thank you for your help !

Sniffing on CMTS


on Cisco CMTS you can very easy sniff the whole traffic by a cable modem via the cable monitor command. At other CMTS-vendor types you should check the mirror-port of your switch where the cmts is connected.

Software for sniffing is wireshark.



P.S. Sorry for my poor english ;)

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