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Good afternoon everyone!
We just picked up some Arris TM9202 mta's to replace our aging (and non replaceable) Arris 602 mta's.
We are using packetcable 1.5 on the 602's, and would like to use Packetcable 1.5 on the 9202's.
We have the devices showing up as emta, which is what we want.
We are using AB01.06.013_051923_223.PC20.TM.NA.simg firmware, which supports PC1.5/SIP
We've added 'sipEnePntConfigUserId' to the mtaconfig, which means the mta will be provisioned with PC1.5 rather than 2.0.

It is STILL trying to communicate as PC2.0, and is of course failing.
Has anyone used these and have any tips?

Oh yeah, compared to the ancient 602's, the web gui is pretty much worthless on these new devices.

Thanks in advance,