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TLVcode 69

I have problem with mta config (modem arris), particularly with one part of config where is:
VendorIdentifier 0x0000ca;
GenericTLV TlvCode 69 TlvStringZero "*xx|#xx|11xx|xxxxxx|x.[#t]";

I'd like to know where to find info what that signs "*xx|#xx|11xx|xxxxxx|x.[#t]" means, and how to configure that.
In above part of config when customer dial i.e. 118913, only first four digit are sent to SIP PROXY.

I will be grateful for any answer.

Best regards,

Only four is sent because You

Only four is sent because You have prefix 11xx and it's "closed" - if You don't know thr length of the prefix You should use timeout operation x.[#t] or 11.[#t] or simply xxx.[#T] for all prefixes :) Try 11xxxx instead.


thx Wojt ;-))

thx Wojt ;-))

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