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Thomson TWG850 Provisioning

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Thomson TWG850 Provisioning

Hello Dear All,
Please, please help me with the TWG850 Provisioning.

Provisioning - means that I have some server and TWG850 which is connected to this server. And I want to configure some network or TWG850 for this device, etc..

also from Thomson docs: Provisioning - The process of enabling the Media Terminal Adapter (MTA) to register and
provide services over the network.

Anybody can describe step-by-step how I can configure auto provisioning for TWG850.
Or can give me some necessary URLs.
Thank you a lot.

Hi there, Provisioning means

Hi there,

Provisioning means that t6he modem need some information in order to work for exemple :

Minimum needed for cable modem provisioning :
1. Dhcp for the modem itself.
1.1 Dhcp options depend if the modem will be used as sip teminal or not
1.2 Dhcp should be build with LDAP base.
1.3 ToD server, Ntp server.
2. Tftp server (next server) for the modem config file.
3. Dhcp For "customer".

Good luck

May the force be with you

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