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THG540 problem


I would like to know if someone can help me resolve following issue: I have Thomson THG 540 Cable modem and Netgear Wpn824v2 router. When I reset modem Internet led is always on, but just for aprx. 10 hours, then it starts blinking - and during this time internet works. But when the light stops blinking and again stays always on - I lose connectivity between router and modem... In Packet cable log i see: "Provisioning complete" when this happens. My service provider doesn't have a clue what's happening. Sometimes it's working fine for a week, other times I lost connection modem-router 4 times a day... Does anyone have a clue what's happening (router and modem were already exchanged so It's problem on a providers side).

This is really a question

This is really a question that only your provider can probably help you with, there are many possibilities, and without being able to "see" power levels and plant conditions, or how the wiring in your house is configured it would be hard for anyone to answer here.

however here are some Ideas for ya.

1. Service providers don't like to help with routers so lets try taking the router out of the loop, temporarily of course. Try connecting to the modem directly with just one computer. You may need to reboot your modem when you switch from router to computer and back again. Does the problem persist? if not perhaps there is a problem with the router.

2. If the problem still exists likely there is an RF problem, if your modem is connected to a splitter try temporarily removing the splitter, if the problem still exists you need to get in touch with your provider. However, now that you have one computer connected to the modem with no splitters, the service provider should be more able to troubleshoot with you. Don't forget to hook everything back up when the problem is solved and make sure it works. Good luck.

Thanks for your answer. It's

Thanks for your answer. It's interesting, that this thing started when provider upgraded my modem with newer firmware... And now they said, that they can't reflash my modem with older fw, because in new one are some corrections for telephony... I got in touch with a person from provider, and he said that they will give trace on my line, night and day, until the connection get lost... so I hope then they'll see what's wrong...

Thanks again for your answer!

Best regards from Slovenia!

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